Monday, July 13, 2009

kehidupan saye

sudah lame tidak menghapdate blog ini..skrg saye alhamdulillah telah lulus peringkat pertama ijazah sarjana saye,dgn berjaya menaikkan pointer ke 3.15..alhamdulillah..

skrg sedang sebok menyiapkan proposal utk research,masih lg blm siap kerana saye ini sgt la pemalas orgnye..sekian terima kasey...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


telah pergi melancong ke perhentian sejurus selepas xm pd 28/5,some of the pics!!!

kaco je makcik blkg tu...

with 2 german ladies!!

the beach

pirates of perhentian

air yg gile jernih!!!bole nampak dasar sbenarnye!

Friday, May 1, 2009

today more than yesterday

Can You look at one person for the rest of your life?
Can you care for someone else, More than you do yourself
I Can answer Whoever Asks me
You, You're my love

I will not promise you
If I knew I was going to waver, even for a little bit
I don't start anything
If I know that the heart can heal itself

I Love You, More Than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me, that it hurts
To meet you, to feel this happiness
I must have dealt with a lot of pain

When the days are hard, it gets sad
The pain that causes the tears to come
It will end someday
The only thing that is endless is our love

I Love You, More Than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me, that it hurts
To meet you, to feel this happiness
I must have dealt with a lot of pain

I don't want to do this ever again
Breaking up
Unless it's a break-up to meet you once more
Whenever and forever

Because it feels like my overwhelming heart will explode
Because I think the person before my eyes isn't really you
I run, and embrace the breathing you
I am the idiot, Who lets go of his worries

I Love You, More Than I did yesterday
I have never met someone so important and precious to me, that it hurts
To meet you, to feel this happiness
I must have dealt with a lot of pain

jgn salah sangke,saye tidak break up dgn uya whatsoever...haha..our relationship is cume terjemahan lirik lagu yg uya suruh saye carik..hehe...nice song really,korean song,Kim Jong Kook - Today More Than Yesterday

Thursday, April 30, 2009

jadual saye menjelang exam

8 a.m - 4 p.m - tido
4 p.m - 6 p.m - mandi,makan dan sebagainya
6 p.m - 7 p.m - bersukan
7 p.m - 8 p.m - membersihkan diri dan sebagainya
8 p.m - 10 p.m - tgk tv
10 p.m - 8 a.m - study diselang seli dgn aktiviti melihat tv dan melayari internet jika kebosanan...

ulang kembali aktiviti pertama dan seterusnya......

Sunday, April 26, 2009

too many things to update

its been a while since i last wrote in this u all have been waiting for a new entry....(haha...ade ke yg tggu???)well,i'm quite a busy person u know..haha...keeping myself busy with almost everything,from study,to sports that i'm involve in..fuuhhh.....but everything is worth it.... about i start this entry with some bookworm stuf...i'm a nerd motto is "study laa sampai tua"..hehe...

i have one question for u u know what is the difference between human brain and a monkey/primate brain???
that question were asked by one of my lecturer,dr farida during my last presentation..mine was the last presentation of the semester and all the other students hope for me to end this presentation stuff with style...the presentation entitled 'cortical areas of the brain',which literally means functional area of the brain,which part of the brain control what movements,sensory information were sent to which part of the brain.damage to this part of the brain will cause what dysfunction....blablabla........

well,the presentation went really well in my liking,with me fluently went through in depth about this topic,but this particular question from dr farida really caught me.....oh damn!!!!!i never read anything about a monkey's brain...i'm studying human anatomy,not should i know anything regarding a monkey brain!!!!!

i kept my cool,took a deep breath,pause for about 10 seconds,then came one great idea,well,what human can do and a primate cant???thinking i guess.....thinking also involve an area in the brain...which is the prefrontal cortex,located in the anterior part of the frontal lobe of brain at the forehead region,which is the higher center for human thinking and it create a personality to human..hmm..lgpon dahi monyet tu kan nampak leper je,dahi manusia jendul sket...bole kot bg jawapan ni aku rase......

so,i just gave that answer and guess what??it is right!!!!!!!huhu....i make a fist and threw it to the air in happiness....dr2 pon tekejut..haha...bantai pon btol,tu yg hepi sgt tu...haha.......

i'm so relieve after that presentation,now that i can study for the final exam which will start at 25/5/09...wish me luck for my final exam,this will determine my master future,if i make a mess and get below 3.00 CGPA,my master will be terminated....pray to god that this will not happen..

move on to sports.....i participate in sukan staff,inter PTJ UPM.....i took part in athletics,volleyball,and football...

for the athletics,i joined long jump,and also 4X100.....i made it to the final for both of the events,but during the final,only managed to get 5th place for both of it...(ye laa,org laen siap ade wakil malaysia lg,malik tobias pon join!!!huhu...)

the volleyball seems a little bit like a fairy tale story,we made it to the semi final,defeating FEP and FPV in the group stage,and food tech in quarter final,only to be beaten by FSKTM in the semis..well,it really is an achievement for a rather modest team like mine....the tournament were won by gabungan pusat sukan & akademi sukan(obviously la kan....),which again,featuring malik tobias....huhu....

me waiting for the ball

me blocking the ball ;p

football havent finish yet,as my FPSK team booked a place in the quarter final by defeating bendahari upm(3-0) and FEM(4-1) with me playing as a centerback which is not really the position that i the first match,our manager said that i was the man of the match(kembang hidung jap) winning all the air battle and crucially block and nullify everything the opposition threw at us,but everything does not went as planned for the 2nd match,as i scored the sole goal for the opponent...yes,i scored an own goal!!!!!!thank you......hahaha....well,is there any other way for a center back to score a goal??? came from a lack of concentration i guess,as i was guarding the near post from an opposition corner,they took a quick one,then at the edge of the penalty box,no players stop the opposition from taking a shot on goal,and the ball just gashes my head as i tried to clear,but unfortunately the ball went into my own was a team mistake really,as no one close down the opponent,and the goalkeeper just behind me didnt shout at me that he is indeed behind me and can get the ball if i didnt head it....fuuuhh...(takpela,kesian kat FEM sbb susah sgt nak gol,jd aku tlg la jaringkan....hehe....)

the quarterfinal will be at 5/5/09 against pendaftar,which is actually one of the favourites for the,wish me luck for this one....hehe...

liverpool went out from the CL in the hand of chelsea,a battling performance by the man in was a great game and really,the way liverpool crashed out of the tournament is really like a fighter one...fight till the last minute....4-4 draw at stamford bridge is a great achievement..

last week,liverpool again battling for a 4-4 draw against arsenal,proud of their effort....

that's all i guess for now..not going to update this blog for a while,maybe after the final exam i will continue...with lots more exciting stories and experiences...bye for now!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

4-1,old toilet is just a toilet afterall

the title for this post say it all..magnificent performance by the reds,in the grey outfit yesterday...i would like to thanx vidic in particular for his awful performance..his day off benefited liverpool..

rafa is the master tactician..he's the mastermind of the entire match..he got it right from the start..hyypia in for arbeloa towering at the back,skrtel solid as ever,carragher shifted to the right,aurelio on the left silence roll-nado...lucas in place of xabi did the playmaking role very well,mascherano closing down every unrinated players,gerrard with his magic,kuyt the work horse non-stop running,and finally,the magnificent torres terrorizing snoopy rio ferdinand and lame vidic.every player played their part..

i cant put into words this feeling of satisfaction..when roll-nado scored the 1st goal,i received many text messages from arrogant manchester united fans,i just replied,the game is decided in 90 minutes,so its far from over...just 3 minutes later vidic gifted torres with his goal...even though van der sar stood firm,the clinical finish by torres is just simply awesome!

penalty for the 2nd goal isnt the best from gerrard as vandersar managed to get a hand on it,but the ball still goes in..for the 3rd goal,again,vidic gifted liverpool by not clearing the ball and the ball fell to gerrard and vidic have no other option but to foul gerrard,and it is definitely a straight red as its a last man challenge,a profesional foul..he deserve it..and the resulting freekick is just great,vandersar didnt even realize the ball past him..

4th goal is a great lob from dossena,left back who has been shifted to the left midfield position in that match..

for all liverpool goals,it came from a long ball from defence..this maybe is man u main weakness..

here are some pictures from the match!enjoy it!!!!

final score

vidic tersenyum

masih lg tersenyum

vidic nak raba gerrard

kne red card sbb melakukan pencabulan dalam padang...haha...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

conspiracy theory

entry ini ditulis di kala penulis sedang kebosanan kerana tiada apa hendak dilakukan..ilham untuk menulis ini datang ketika penulis sedang menonton televisyen saluran 104 astro ria..

kebelakangan ini,negara sering dilanda hujan lebat yg sehingga boleh menyebabkan banjir kilat di sesetengah kawasan terutama sekali di lembah klang.baru semalam hujan lebat yg melanda beserta ribut yg sgt kencang telah menumbangkan 2 batang pokok berhampiran dengan kediaman penulis..rumah penulis jugak telah mengalami black-out dek dentuman guruh dan kilat yg sabung menyabung...berlaku juga banjir di kawasan kepong dan sesetengah kawasan yg mana tidak didalam kawasan liputan terowong SMART..tahniah kepada pihak yg telah muncul dgn idea terowong SMART itu yg telah mengelakkan lebih byk kejadian banjir berlaku...

apakah penyebabnya??mungkinkah pemanasan global yg kian memuncak dek kerakusan manusia menjamah hasil bumi??el-nino??la-nina??atau mungkin ini adalah fenomena alam yg biasa sahaja..

kalo hendak dituding kepada musim peralihan monsun yg sememangnya menyebabkan hujan paling lebat di negara kita,itu adalah tidak mungkin,kerana seingat penulis,sewaktu belajar geografi di tingkatan 3 di SMK Cheras Perdana di bawah bimbingan cikgu wan asma faliza,musim peralihan monsun adalah pada april dan oktober iaitu di antara monsun timur laut yg melanda pada november hingga mac dan monsun barat daya yg melanda dari mei hingga september..(sila rujuk kembali buku geografi tingkatan 3)

ataupun mungkin ini adalah ketentuan Ilahi??penulis sendiri pernah menjawab begitu sewaktu ditanya oleh cikgu wan asma mengenai suatu fenomena alam yg tak dapat dijawab oleh penulis..penulis telah dimarahi oleh cikgu kerana telah menjawab "fenomena itu adalah ketentuan tuhan" sewaktu ditanya oleh cikgu..cikgu cakap "kalo mcm tu,baik tak payah belajar.semua yg berlaku mmg la ketentuan tuhan,tapi kita sebagai manusia kenalah berfikir kenapa ia berlaku.....bla..bla...bla..."byk lg leteran cikgu yg penulis sudah lupa kerana perkara itu telah terjadi 9 tahun yg lalu..

jadi,mengapakah hujan lebat semakin menjadi2 pada waktu ini???

oleh kerana penulis tidak mampu untuk memberikan jawapan saintifik yg konkrit,maka penulis pun terfikirkan teori ini..hujan lebat sehingga menyebabkan banjir itu bermula sejak awal bulan ini(mac)..dan sejak awal bulan ini juga,ramai rakyat malaysia yg terpaku dihadapan televisyen untuk melihat rancangan yg telah mencetuskan fenomena di seluruh negara sejak 7 tahun lepas..apakah rancangan tersebut?

ya,tepat skali firasat para pembaca,rancangan tersebut adalah rancangan Akademi Fantasia yg telah masuk musim yg ke-7 pada tahun ini...

jadi,apa pula kaitan rancangan televisyen dgn hujan lebat yg melanda negara???penulis sendiri telah melihat sesi latihan para peserta akademi tersebut,kerana ibu penulis merupakan peminat setia rancangan itu,dan dari pendengaran dah pengamatan penulis,mungkin punca hujan lebat itu telah diketahui..sesetengah peserta ada yg buta tempo,lari key,dan sebagainya..pendek kata,nyanyian yg sumbang itulah telah menyebabkan hujan turun mencurah2 melanda lembah klang...

terima kasih kepada anda yg sudi melapangkan mase membaca entry kali ini..

Monday, March 9, 2009

presentation 2 - thyroid gland

friday, 6/3/09

this time around,prof azian does not attend because of her commitment i'm quite relieved with the fact that she's not there..hehe..but its just that i suffered for diarrhea for 2 days coming into the presentation..huh.....

the presentation went well,in fact excellent from my point of view..

the comments and question as usual

dr farida

u presented well,full of confident....1 question for u...what is the main structure that cause the thyroid gland to move during deglutition??

my answer: suspensory ligament of barry that connects thyroid gland to cricoid cartilage of is actually a thickening of the pretracheal fascia of the neck.

dr farida: good answer

dr srijit:
as usual,i like ur presentation..u r confident,ur interaction with the audience is good..i have some questions for u.if there is an enlargement in the gland,in which way the gland will expand and compress other structure?

me:to posterior part of the neck and it will compress mainly the recurrent laryngeal nerve that pass through behind the gland and it will alters the voice pitch..also it will compress the common carotid artery in the carotid sheath behind the gland..

dr srijit:why the enlargement will compress the structure posterior to the gland?

me:because of the fascia there is thinner as compare to other surface of the gland

dr srijit:why is carcinoma of the gland is very dangerous?

me:because the cancer can spread to surrounding structures through the rich plexuses of lymphatic around the gland and also it can erodes the structures especially if it erodes the carotid sheath and common carotid artery than it can cause massive bleeding

dr srijit:4th question,during surgery,where to ligate the arteries that enters the gland?

me: there are 2 arteries that enters the gland,the superior and inferior thyroid arteries..for the superior thyroid artery,we ligate it near to the gland as at the origin of the artery,there is the external branch of superior laryngeal nerve passing through..for the inferior thyroid artery,we ligate it away from the gland as the recurrent laryngeal nerve is related near the terminal part of the to avoid injury to these nerves,the doctors will ligate it at that area..

dr srijit:excellent,about ur clinical anatomy,u mention about what is retrosternal goiter??

me:during the descend of the gland during embryological development of the gland,if the gland descend too much,it will enters the superior mediastinum and compress the structures around it..this is why it is known as retrosternal goiter,because of the location of the gland at abnormal place,behind the sternum...more specifically the manubrium sternum

dr srijit:very impressive..u seems to have pretty good understanding about the gland...very good,u can answer all my question...

me:my mom have hyperthyroidism,thats why...

dr faizah:
very good,i have no question because u seems to have answered all of it..only u seems like "tak semangat je arini"...because everytime i see u,ur presentation is full of it...mayb next time u need to improve la eh..

me:...........................(taknak la bg alasan saket perot pulak...) i only smiled....

actually,i have already expected those questions to be asked,thats why i can answer all of it....i intentionally left out the fact about those things in my presentation hoping that they will asks,pengajaran daripada presentation itu adalah,jgn la bgtau sume bende dlm presentation korg,nnt kalo lecturer takde bende nak tanye dah,diorg akan tanye bende jgn la tinggalkan byk sgt bende smpi presentation korg jd pelik pulak,tak cukop facts...ok??hehe...yg ke-2,spot question...mcm slalu buat time nak dekat exam tu......mcm la tak biase pulak..hehe......terime kaseyyy!!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

pemandu kota

post ini tidak ada unsur perkauman maklum laa,skrg isu perkauman ni sensitif sket..tapi penulis hanya ingin ceritakan pengalaman penulis sewaktu memandu pergi dan balik dari rumah penulis di cheras ke UKMKL.

dalam perjalanan pergi,kesesakan lalulintas untuk masuk ke kota metropolitan KL seperti biasa pada waktu pagi..secara tiba2,ada sebuah kereta memotong kereta penulis dari lorong kecemasan di sebelah kiri dan terus membelok dihadapan penulis secara tiba2 tanpa memberi sebarang isyarat..penulis terkejut dan terus menekan brek..selamat kereta belakang pon sempat brek..pemandu kereta celaka tersebut adalah seorang remaja lelaki berbangsa cina..

kemudian penulis meneruskan perjalanan ke KL...di satu susur keluar,secara tiba2 ada sebuah kereta berhenti di tgh jln dan terus reverse keretanya tanpa rasa was2 walaupun masih ada byk lg kereta lain nak masuk ke susur keluar tu..kereta di belakangnya nyaris terlanggar kereta sebelah ketika terpaksa menukar lorong secara tiba2...pemandu kereta celaka itu adalah seorang perempuan cina.

ketika dalam perjalanan balik,dijalan 3 lorong di satu selekoh,ketika melalui selekoh tersebut,sebuah kereta tiba2 menukar lorong sewaktu membelok tanpa memberi sebarang isyarat sehingga penulis terpaksa brek sehingga tayar berbunyi "skreeeeetttttt"..pemandu kereta yg celaka itu juga adalah seorang perempuan cina yg dlm umor 40-an..

kejadian ke-4,apabila penulis hendak masuk ke simpang di kawasan rumah penulis,sebuah van tiba2 keluar dari simpang tanpa melihat ke kiri dan kanan sehingga penulis terpaksa brek skali lg.....dan pemandu van yg celaka itu adalah seorang lelaki cina yg agak berumur......

jadi rakan2 fikir2kanlah...ada kaitan ke antara bangsa dan corak pemanduan???mungkin anda juga pernah melalui pengalaman yg sama??sila kongsi2kan...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

K600i SE(sony erection??haha...)

my besfren since 4 years back(really!!!!) and still accompany me everyday and serving utmost for my needs.the 1st generation of SE 3g hp at that time,now he's not in a good condition..particularly because of my doing,being such a clumsy owner i ericsson also have sent me an email saying that mayb i need to find a successor for my SE K600i...thats how long i've been using this device..

always saying "no network coverage" for hours even when i'm in the middle of KL...when he finally able to reach the network after that,there's a lot of messages coming in..many of it from uya,and some from my friends...some also cursing me for not replying their messages..not uya of course!

"hanep,ko sombong laa skrg".."weh,takkan lupe member dah??"..."tido pon agak2 laa wei sampai tak reply msg aku","siot aaa wei tak reply msg aku".....just a few to mention here...

but the point is,its hard for me to operate without a handphone..i need a new one...really2 need a new one..

welcoming suggestion on what hp is great to have nowadays,having used SE hp since matriculation,a bit of fresh air to breath in from other hp is also welcome...budget mayb below RM2k,with good camera so that i can capture more pics to placed in this blog for your viewing pleasure...thank you!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

futsal, PD, dan gali kubur???

last week, 7/2/09 ade satu tournament futsal kat subang,aku n member2 aku pon join laa..nasib kami tak baik,2nd round je jumpe team yg power n eventually team yg singkirkan team aku kalah penalty kat final..kami kalah dgn team tu 5-3,tapi agak menyedihkan kerana ref yg berat sebelah..mungkin sebab ref tu dari area subang and budak2 tu pon budak subang,jadi ade sikit berat sebelah la di situ...

kat tournament tu jugak,aku bertemu dgn badrulhisham haris,member lame time blaja biomed kat UPM dlu.die skrg dah sambung blaja kat RCMP,nak jadi dr katenye...kebetulan aritu jugak ada member ajak buat gathering kat PD,kalo ekotkan aku dah mmg malas dah nak g,penat men futsal pastu nak drive sorg2 g PD,tak kuasa den....slmt ade bad,jd kami berdua pon bergerak laa ke PD pd petang tu,sampai kat PD tu je dah maghrib dah...mlm tu kami buat BBQ n then maen kad sampai kol 2 pg..haha...keesokan harinya kami pergi membantu rakan2 kami yg buat master mengutip gamat n apetah name binatang sekor lg tu kat sebuah pulau kecik kat PD tu...kami sama2 beramai2 menikmati sunburn sehingga jam 1 tghari..tapi bes,sbb pulau die cantek n air jernih serta ade byk batu karang kat sekitar kawasan tu...ade satu pengalaman menarik berlaku time aktiviti ni,tapi aku takmo cite,just aku bole ckp, "kalo kail panjang sejengkal,lautan dalam jgn diduga",inikan pula org yg tak bwk mata kail langsung apetah lagi joran utk memancing..kami bertolak balik dri PD jam 5 ptg n sampai kat seri serdang jam 6 ptg...kedengaran mcm laju je kami bwk kete,tapi hakikatnya mmg sgt laju la kete swift itu meluncur di atas jalan raya...sepanjang hiway di lorong kanan sahaja n hanye di potong oleh sebuah BMW yg kemudiannya di potong balek setelah BMW itu tersangkut kat belakang kete lembab yg berangan di lorong kanan,selamat pemandu swift tersebut bijak,dan memotong kerete lembab tu dari sebelah kiri...ini merupakan contoh yg tak baik,jgn tiru aksi ini...dlm trip ke PD ni jugak,ade sorg mamat dari arab saudi yg buat master dlm bidang mikrobiologi ekot serta,sebelum pulang,die berkata hendak belanja kami sume makan KFC sbb seronok dgn trip kali ini serta pengalaman yg tak dpt dilupakan berpaut pada bot nelayan buat seketika..walaupun aku sebenarnya nak boikot KFC,tp sbb org dah nak blanje kan,aku on je...mamat arab itu di sponsor oleh negara dia utk belajar kat cni,dgn elaun sebanyak USD 3k sebulan,dan die mampu membeli proton persona secara cash je...jadi utk belanja 14 org mkn KFC apelah sgt kan...

semalam pulak,14/2/09 merupakan hari valentine bg mereka yg menyambutnya....tapi aku tidak menyambutnya,malah aku buat perkara yg totally bertentangan dgn nilai2 kasih sayang yg cuba diterapkan dalam sambutan,pd hari tersebut aku bersama2 staf2 lain jabatan anatomi telah menggali balik mayat yg telah di tanam sejak 5 bulan yg lalu utk mendapatkan tulang2 bagi proses pengajaran student2 fpsk upm..proses yg memenatkan,ditambah lg dgn haruman bau mayat yg menusuk hidong aku gagahi jua demi tugas yg perlu dilaksanakan..semua sekali ade 4 mayat yg telah ditanam,tetapi hanya 2 sahaja yg telah decompose dgn cantiknya,manakala 2 lg masih ade cebisan daging yg melekat padanya serta masih ade rambut lg lalu ditanam semula...para pembaca di sini mungkin tertanya2 kenapa kami perlu mendapatkan tulang manusia yg sebenar,kenapa tidak pakai tulang tiruan yg diperbuat daripada plastik yg boleh dibeli dipasaran??ini adalah kerana tulang tiruan di pasaran adalah tidak 100% menyamai tulang manusia yg sebenar,dah name pon tiruan kan....tulang yg sebenar sgt penting utk pengajaran kerana ade byk ciri2 yg ada padanya tidak dpt ditiru oleh tulang tiruan,terutama skali groove2 yg ada padanya utk muscle insertion dan jugak beberapa foramina2 utk laluan salur darah dan urat saraf..kerja menggali tamat menjelang matahari tegak di atas kepala,dan selepas itu kami pon makan (tapi masing2 muka tak lalu sbb bau yg menusuk tu) dan selepas itu disusuli oleh aktiviti bermain pingpong...sekian....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

voice of gaza

for the real in-sight civilian view on what happened in Palestine during Israeli attack on gaza,please visit this blog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

kingfisher resort sg semungkis,hulu langat,selangor, dan felda hot springs residence sg klah,sungkai,perak


first getaway in this new year!!!!already have some other plans and invitations this year,but we'll discuss bout that later...hehe...

trip pertama adalah ke kingfisher resort sg semungkis, hulu langat..trip kali ini adalah bersama ahli keluarga uya n acik uya.sume skali ade dlm 20 org la kot...sampai nenek uya pon ekot skali..haha...aku je sesat bukan ahli keluarga diorg dlm trip tu..tapi takpe,sbb aku mmg tak malu sket....

aku keluar umah jam 730 pg utk pegi bekumpul kat stesen petronas kajang prima sebelum pukol mcm biase,aku slalu tepat pd mase,terutama skali trip2 mcm ni yg aku mmg smgt nak join...sementara tunggu org len sampai,aku isi minyak kete n pam tayar.....sume org sampai dlm pukol 845,n kami bertolak lebey kurang jam 9 pg....perjalanan amik mase kire2 45 minit,kami sampai dlm jam 945 pg...

sampai je,sume pon dah lapar,jd kami mkn la dulu..byk mknn yg dibwk oleh acik uya yg mmg rajin memasak tu..kwsn resort tu mmg agak terpencil,jauh dari jln besar..kwsn die di buat dgn cantik dan kemas,die ade empangkan sikit air sungai tu buat mcm kolam..kat ctu la kami mandi n buat sume aktvt...kat tgh2 kolam tu ade sebatang kayu melintang,tu la jd tempat org nak buat terjunan gaya bebas ekot keupayaan masing2..

mula2 sume pon mcm malu2 kucing laa nak terjun kolam tu...terjunan dimulakan lebey kurang jam 1030 pg lps sume pon dah kenyang..selepas sume pon dah menunjukkan gaya renang masing2,kami pon mula la dgn aktvt utama,iaitu bola tampar air...kayu melintang kat tgh2 dijadikan net,dan kami main 5 set sume skali...habis main dlm pukol 1215 tghari,pastu kami naik makan lg.....tak lame lps tu,round ke-2 game bola tampar air,main lg 3 set,sampai laa dkt pukol 230 bru abes....mandi bersiap tukar baju sume,dlm pukol 315 kami pon bertolak pulang...aku sampai kat umah dlm jam 430 ptg kepenatan....


aku ngn famili (ayah,ibu,abg,n adik) bergerak dari rumah teres 1 tingkat kami kat bandar tun hussein onn cheras ke sungkai perak pd jam 830 pg,kami sampai ke exit sungkai pd jam 10 pg..lps tu kami pon ekot la signboard ke tempat tujuan kami..sng je nak cari tempat die...punye laa aku siap tulis mcm mane jalan nak ke sane ekot ape yg aku dpt dlm intenet,rupe2nye ekot signbod je...ces!

bile kluar je exit sungkai tu,aku tgk byk je kete,aku ckp la kat adik aku,ni ade kenduri kawen kot byk je kete....pastu bile dah lepas 2-3 kampung,kete2 ni tak jugak berkurang....rupe2nye,sume pon nak ke tempat air panas tu....ramai btol org yg ke hotspring sg kelah tu,sampai parking pon penoh....kami sampai kat tempat tu dlm jam 11 pg..utk msk ke hotspring tu,kne byr RM10 seorang utk tiket,jd aku ngn adik aku beratur la utk beli tiket.tibe2 ade sorg laki ni nek moto berenti tepi aku..die ckp,"abg,nak beli tiket masuk harge staf tak??RM5 je ni bang...."aku buat muke pelik,dlm hati,"pehal die ni,nak tpu aku ke??"lps tu die tunjuk tag masuk yg die ade tu...rupe2nye die staf ctu,tapi makan sniri pnye org laa...aku tak kesah,dapat murah kan,bole je laa....haha...jd,instead of kne bayar RM50 utk 5 org pnye entrance,aku byr RM25 je laa...hihi...

bila dah masuk tu,kami kne la bjalan kaki ke kolam air panas tu..tak jaoh pon...tempat die dibuat dgn cantik..ade byk kolam kat cni,tapi utk kolam air panas,ade 1 yg besar,n beberapa yg kecik yg mcm jakuzi utk famili pnye..utk jakuzi tu,kne bayar lain pulak...pastu ade jugak tmpt yg mmg dikhaskan utk merebus telor ayam je..ade beberape sumber mata air panas kat cni yg berbeza2 suhu die....ade yg suhu 33-40 darjah,and ade jugak yg aku nampak suhu kat termometer yg die letak kat ctu sampai 65 darjah..dan ada jugak satu kolam lain yg besar,tp kolam air gunung yg sejuk..kami sekeluarga mandi kat kolam air panas dulu utk lebey kurang sejam,pastu pindah pulak kat kolam air gunung n mandi utk sejam lg..hehe...ini antara gamba2nye..

begini ramainya org di kolam air pns

penulis bersama ibu tercinta di kolam air panas

penulis berehat setelah tak tahan air panas

penulis setelah terjun ke kolam air gunung-igtkan dalam sgt

penulis bersama adik penulis yg msk kelas berenang tp stil tak terer berenang mcm penulis

ayah cuba menyelamatkan ibu yg hampir kelemasan...hehe...memaen jee....

keluarga bahagia-abaikan yg belakang tu,fokus kat 4 org kat tgh2 gambar je.

ntah apa yg abg penulis gelakkan tu..seluar tercabut kot...

selepas abes berenang,kami keluar ke pekan sungkai utk makan...sampai ke kedai mkn tu,bila tgh tggu nak oder,ade 2 org asing,maybe org iran kot,tgh bercakap dgn cashier kedai tu...cashier tu terpinga2 tak paham bahasa inggeris yg org iran tu tgh ckp..jd,aku dgn baik hatinya cuba iran tu ckp nak tukar duet RM100 yg dia ada tu,dgn 2 keping RM50 yg no siri die bermula dgn huruf KL....aku pon terpinga2...mana nak cari duetRM50 yg no siri dia setat dgn huruf KL?????pelik betol.....bila aku cuba mengeluarkan beg duet dri poket,ayah sebagai seorang pegawai polis yg tegas pon marah aku,ckp yg org iran tu cuba nak tipu aku je,seperti yg byk direpot keblakangan ini...ramai org dah kne tipu dah hilang duet apabila dicuri oleh org mcm tu...belum sempat aku berpaling,ke2-2 org iran tu yg menyedari mereka telah terkantoi pon tergesa2 meninggalkan kedai,dan sebuah kereta proton waja yg menunggu di luar pon memecut laju dari situ....owh,mcm ni rupanya diorg menipu tu org yg dok kat kwsn luar bandar,yg kurang fasih berbahasa inggeris...bila org keluarkan duet je,diorg akan rampas dan terus lari...hampeh btol,mengambil kesempatan di atas kebaikan hati org melayu kita ni...selamat aku tak kne....


Saturday, January 24, 2009

cahaya mata

tahniah kepada abdul rashid rakan seperjuangan master yg baru mendapat cahaya mata pertama, sofea zahra pada minggu lepas..rashid ckp dia letih tak cukop tido sbb jaga anak,tapi wajah tetap berseri2...maklum laa...anak pertama kan...

Friday, January 16, 2009

rectum and anal canal


this morning,i presented on the aforementioned topic..this is my first presentation in the 2nd semester and also my first presentation in this new year..

guess what??the votes are, 3 judges voted for me and one against..

here are the comments and questions from the lecturers

dr srijit dass

comments:thank you hanief,that was a very nice presentation,and as usual,u presented it full of confident...
question:how do u treat haemorrhoids

my answer:do a surgery to treat it?(lol...very not anatomist answer one)
his answer:you ligate it,then it will fall off by itself...
then i added:because of there is a plexus of vein in that area,so ligating it wont have any significant complication from the procedure on the patient as the blood can flow to the other tributaries...(bantai je....just to look smart!muahahaha....)

dr farida hussan

comments:i agree with dr srijit,you are a very confident person..i just have one question for you
question:u've mention about the pectinate line..besides what u have mention just now,do u know any other thing that occur at that particular place??

my answer:yes,this is the line where the epithelial lining changes

question:it changes from what to what?

my answer:above the pectinate line,it is made up of columnar epithelium,whereas below it,the epithelial lining is form by stratified squamuos epithelium..

dr srijit interupted:why is it changes like that?

my answer:this is because of its different embryological origin,above pectinate line is developed from hindgut,and below it is developed from ectoderm just like the skin.

AP dr faizah

comments:i agree with the previous 2 comments..just that i would like to add,not that ur presentation is not good,just to improve it...the picture in your presentation is not that good....some of it is not that clear and u should add more picture to show what u've describe..and because of there is too much word on ur slides,then u tend to read it when it is better u describe it from a picture really.....

question:u mention about anal fistula just,what is the difference between anal fistula and anal sinus???

me:???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????i dont know.....(haha...simple and short answer that is)

dr faizah:i want u to go back and check for it eh...thank you

AP dr. azian-programme coordinator

comments:u presented worse than what i have is by far,the worst presentation i have seen u given by your standard..u have some typing error in it,u put too much word on the slides that results in u only reading from the slide...if its about reading,then you dont need to present it,just put the slides on and i also can read it by myself!ur picture doesnt resemble what u've describe and its even not clear..u mention about the location of haemorrhoids at the 3, 7, and 11 o'clock,but in ur picture it was like 1, 5 and 9 o'clock from what i've seen (err...actually,that picture is a view from above laa,not from below)
from now on,all of you (referring to other master student) when it comes to the blood supply or venous drainage,i want u to just put picture on it,and no words are allowed...(sorry oad,pasni ko kne present entirely on blood supply je..haha...) that's it.

me:shattered, speechless..feels like the white screen is whacked behind my head..and all i can do is just smile like a silly guy...her expectation on me is sky high,i just manage to deliver the peak of kinabalu mt..maybe for others what i did was good enough,for a perfectionist like her,every minute details is taken into account..nevermind,i'll do better next time..improvement is a must incik hanepp!!!!!no more knock-out punch is allowed to blow my head..dont give any reasons,just do what ur suppose to!ada paham????bagossss.......padan muke awak hanepp

pengajarannye:kate oad-lenkali g cek kat kak sa'yah(kerani opis) bile prof azian ade..kalo die ade kne prepare btol2..haha...salah asuhan ni....