Sunday, March 15, 2009

4-1,old toilet is just a toilet afterall

the title for this post say it all..magnificent performance by the reds,in the grey outfit yesterday...i would like to thanx vidic in particular for his awful performance..his day off benefited liverpool..

rafa is the master tactician..he's the mastermind of the entire match..he got it right from the start..hyypia in for arbeloa towering at the back,skrtel solid as ever,carragher shifted to the right,aurelio on the left silence roll-nado...lucas in place of xabi did the playmaking role very well,mascherano closing down every unrinated players,gerrard with his magic,kuyt the work horse non-stop running,and finally,the magnificent torres terrorizing snoopy rio ferdinand and lame vidic.every player played their part..

i cant put into words this feeling of satisfaction..when roll-nado scored the 1st goal,i received many text messages from arrogant manchester united fans,i just replied,the game is decided in 90 minutes,so its far from over...just 3 minutes later vidic gifted torres with his goal...even though van der sar stood firm,the clinical finish by torres is just simply awesome!

penalty for the 2nd goal isnt the best from gerrard as vandersar managed to get a hand on it,but the ball still goes in..for the 3rd goal,again,vidic gifted liverpool by not clearing the ball and the ball fell to gerrard and vidic have no other option but to foul gerrard,and it is definitely a straight red as its a last man challenge,a profesional foul..he deserve it..and the resulting freekick is just great,vandersar didnt even realize the ball past him..

4th goal is a great lob from dossena,left back who has been shifted to the left midfield position in that match..

for all liverpool goals,it came from a long ball from defence..this maybe is man u main weakness..

here are some pictures from the match!enjoy it!!!!

final score

vidic tersenyum

masih lg tersenyum

vidic nak raba gerrard

kne red card sbb melakukan pencabulan dalam padang...haha...


Anonymous said...

hahahhahaha lawak gila..

Oasis said...

ap lak kes raba2 ni nip?

Munie said...

hahaha. sabar je laa... update la abgggg!