Monday, May 30, 2011

the way back has been a long time since i last blog-ed(bole ke past tense cmni??).well,have been busy with my writing(thesis, not blogging),teaching,volleyball,sports,karaoke-ing,not getting paid by the university,photography,and more.also did some anatomy tuition for a medical student from MSU to get some money to live.well,that's me.will always find a way to survive during the hardest of dad is a police officer anyway.been thought to be like this since i was a kid.its good to be good(good ke?) in so many different areas.that will give you options when u face hardness in what you are currently doing.

anyway.since i am currently quite free now,the students are on their holiday,and i'm not in the mood to do my work,and i heard that my fellow colleague just wanted to start blogging, that remind me of this long forgotten blog.haish,i'm so not good in writing lah!tidak istiqamah sungguh hanief ni bila bab menulis.

since i'm free today, i watched a movie called "the way back".a little bit synopsis of the movie.its a national geographic production in remembrance of a group of soviet prisoners running away from the gulag camp(go google it) in siberia heading towards mongolia.initially,they thought they were about 500 km north of baikal lake,so they move south from their camp but their thought went wrong.they were actually 800km north of the lake.and along the way,they face many obstacles,from snowstorm,to freezing cold,being suspicious of each other,but finally,they got lake baikal, and heading south, to mongolia.but they were dissapointed to find out that mongolia were also under communism.fearing for their safety,they decided to move further south,through the gobi desert,to tibet,over the himalayas,and finally to india,where at that time are under the british influence.from about 8-9 person at the start of their journey,only 4 completed the 4000km journey..such was the difficulties during the iron curtain cold war.a polish guy that made it to india cant get back to his homeland until 1989 when the soviet collapse.a very interesting movie about life..those who havent watched it,go watch!might be a slow and boring movie for some,but inspiring and full of motivation for others.