Monday, March 9, 2009

presentation 2 - thyroid gland

friday, 6/3/09

this time around,prof azian does not attend because of her commitment i'm quite relieved with the fact that she's not there..hehe..but its just that i suffered for diarrhea for 2 days coming into the presentation..huh.....

the presentation went well,in fact excellent from my point of view..

the comments and question as usual

dr farida

u presented well,full of confident....1 question for u...what is the main structure that cause the thyroid gland to move during deglutition??

my answer: suspensory ligament of barry that connects thyroid gland to cricoid cartilage of is actually a thickening of the pretracheal fascia of the neck.

dr farida: good answer

dr srijit:
as usual,i like ur presentation..u r confident,ur interaction with the audience is good..i have some questions for u.if there is an enlargement in the gland,in which way the gland will expand and compress other structure?

me:to posterior part of the neck and it will compress mainly the recurrent laryngeal nerve that pass through behind the gland and it will alters the voice pitch..also it will compress the common carotid artery in the carotid sheath behind the gland..

dr srijit:why the enlargement will compress the structure posterior to the gland?

me:because of the fascia there is thinner as compare to other surface of the gland

dr srijit:why is carcinoma of the gland is very dangerous?

me:because the cancer can spread to surrounding structures through the rich plexuses of lymphatic around the gland and also it can erodes the structures especially if it erodes the carotid sheath and common carotid artery than it can cause massive bleeding

dr srijit:4th question,during surgery,where to ligate the arteries that enters the gland?

me: there are 2 arteries that enters the gland,the superior and inferior thyroid arteries..for the superior thyroid artery,we ligate it near to the gland as at the origin of the artery,there is the external branch of superior laryngeal nerve passing through..for the inferior thyroid artery,we ligate it away from the gland as the recurrent laryngeal nerve is related near the terminal part of the to avoid injury to these nerves,the doctors will ligate it at that area..

dr srijit:excellent,about ur clinical anatomy,u mention about what is retrosternal goiter??

me:during the descend of the gland during embryological development of the gland,if the gland descend too much,it will enters the superior mediastinum and compress the structures around it..this is why it is known as retrosternal goiter,because of the location of the gland at abnormal place,behind the sternum...more specifically the manubrium sternum

dr srijit:very impressive..u seems to have pretty good understanding about the gland...very good,u can answer all my question...

me:my mom have hyperthyroidism,thats why...

dr faizah:
very good,i have no question because u seems to have answered all of it..only u seems like "tak semangat je arini"...because everytime i see u,ur presentation is full of it...mayb next time u need to improve la eh..

me:...........................(taknak la bg alasan saket perot pulak...) i only smiled....

actually,i have already expected those questions to be asked,thats why i can answer all of it....i intentionally left out the fact about those things in my presentation hoping that they will asks,pengajaran daripada presentation itu adalah,jgn la bgtau sume bende dlm presentation korg,nnt kalo lecturer takde bende nak tanye dah,diorg akan tanye bende jgn la tinggalkan byk sgt bende smpi presentation korg jd pelik pulak,tak cukop facts...ok??hehe...yg ke-2,spot question...mcm slalu buat time nak dekat exam tu......mcm la tak biase pulak..hehe......terime kaseyyy!!


Anonymous said...

weh..hehe aku plak akan bentang pasal iodine deficiency during pregnancy, tak lari la jugok dgn topic hang aku nanti awal feb ni. gilolah..mcm budak mdic ja..aku bc pun xpaham sgt ha..mmg aku xdak lgsung basic physiology n anatomy nih.anyway, thanks 4 da tips~

Hanief Khalid said...

weh..aku nak hang punya presentation yg psl omega-3 tu...nak buat research nnt psl cognitive la nnt bila2 free..hehe..

Munie said...
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Anonymous said...

wahh. bagus btol. munie pon dpt blaja bila baca entry nih. hahaha :) syabas bete!

Anonymous said...

Suka entry2 educational begini. Revision anatomy gituuu. Haha.
Tapi last part tu betul ah, jangan bagitau sume nanti depa tanya soalan pelik2.