Friday, January 16, 2009

rectum and anal canal


this morning,i presented on the aforementioned topic..this is my first presentation in the 2nd semester and also my first presentation in this new year..

guess what??the votes are, 3 judges voted for me and one against..

here are the comments and questions from the lecturers

dr srijit dass

comments:thank you hanief,that was a very nice presentation,and as usual,u presented it full of confident...
question:how do u treat haemorrhoids

my answer:do a surgery to treat it?(lol...very not anatomist answer one)
his answer:you ligate it,then it will fall off by itself...
then i added:because of there is a plexus of vein in that area,so ligating it wont have any significant complication from the procedure on the patient as the blood can flow to the other tributaries...(bantai je....just to look smart!muahahaha....)

dr farida hussan

comments:i agree with dr srijit,you are a very confident person..i just have one question for you
question:u've mention about the pectinate line..besides what u have mention just now,do u know any other thing that occur at that particular place??

my answer:yes,this is the line where the epithelial lining changes

question:it changes from what to what?

my answer:above the pectinate line,it is made up of columnar epithelium,whereas below it,the epithelial lining is form by stratified squamuos epithelium..

dr srijit interupted:why is it changes like that?

my answer:this is because of its different embryological origin,above pectinate line is developed from hindgut,and below it is developed from ectoderm just like the skin.

AP dr faizah

comments:i agree with the previous 2 comments..just that i would like to add,not that ur presentation is not good,just to improve it...the picture in your presentation is not that good....some of it is not that clear and u should add more picture to show what u've describe..and because of there is too much word on ur slides,then u tend to read it when it is better u describe it from a picture really.....

question:u mention about anal fistula just,what is the difference between anal fistula and anal sinus???

me:???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????i dont know.....(haha...simple and short answer that is)

dr faizah:i want u to go back and check for it eh...thank you

AP dr. azian-programme coordinator

comments:u presented worse than what i have is by far,the worst presentation i have seen u given by your standard..u have some typing error in it,u put too much word on the slides that results in u only reading from the slide...if its about reading,then you dont need to present it,just put the slides on and i also can read it by myself!ur picture doesnt resemble what u've describe and its even not clear..u mention about the location of haemorrhoids at the 3, 7, and 11 o'clock,but in ur picture it was like 1, 5 and 9 o'clock from what i've seen (err...actually,that picture is a view from above laa,not from below)
from now on,all of you (referring to other master student) when it comes to the blood supply or venous drainage,i want u to just put picture on it,and no words are allowed...(sorry oad,pasni ko kne present entirely on blood supply je..haha...) that's it.

me:shattered, speechless..feels like the white screen is whacked behind my head..and all i can do is just smile like a silly guy...her expectation on me is sky high,i just manage to deliver the peak of kinabalu mt..maybe for others what i did was good enough,for a perfectionist like her,every minute details is taken into account..nevermind,i'll do better next time..improvement is a must incik hanepp!!!!!no more knock-out punch is allowed to blow my head..dont give any reasons,just do what ur suppose to!ada paham????bagossss.......padan muke awak hanepp

pengajarannye:kate oad-lenkali g cek kat kak sa'yah(kerani opis) bile prof azian ade..kalo die ade kne prepare btol2..haha...salah asuhan ni....


Raudzah said...

Habes lah aku lepas ni kene prepare script awal2. kene letak gambo aje dalam slides? wtf?? ape aku nak cakap wei! dah ler blood supply ureter tu berselirat mcm padang matsirat!

Tak pe lah wei, jadikan sebagai pengajaran! buat awal2, kalau nak buat last menit, make sure all out. gambar kene yg berkaitan and perfect.

Anggap aje ape yg dia cakap tu sebagai komen membina. aku pun pernah kene, rileps aje haha!

B@drul said...

hoh.. bagus tul ko anip.. ada tutorial online.. aku bleh recall balik.. cam baca buku cerita..

Hanief Khalid said...

oad:padan muke...takpe2,aku bg sokongan dari blkg je...hihi..

bad:mcm buku cite ko ckp??cite seram tu...haha..

Anonymous said...

amek cuti p gua mulu jum heheheee