Saturday, December 13, 2008

2nd sem,here i come

last thursday,i met prof azian to know how i've done for the 1st semester final xm.and the results are....................................................jeng jeng jeng!!!!!

i obtained a conditional pass..fuuhhh.....what a know that i am able to continue for the 2nd semester...the full results are,2.96 cgpa,ranked 5th behind 4 medical doctors,and ahead of all 4 others ex-biomed student.and that is just a mere 0.04 from a full pass cgpa..i got a B+ for my gross anatomy,B for my histology,and just like i've predicted,embryology ruined my pointers with a C+..overall,i'm quite dissapointed not to get a full pass...but hey,life goes on.

i just need another 3.1 for the next semester,and prof azian thinks that i dont need any mentors to pass this course,and she also mentioned that generally,everyone did better in the 2nd semester as compare to the 1st one.that takes so much burden off my back..but still,knowing that i must do well this sem to pass,i must work hard..even its just 2 subjects this sem.

for the gross anatomy,i will have to learn about the abdomen,pelvis and perineum,and also head and neck..head and neck should be the one to watch out for...and the 2nd subject is neuroanatomy,which all my seniors said is the hardest course..i must get a combination of at least a B+ and a B to obtain full pass.but i'm targeting to get at least an A- for both of the subjects,just to make sure that i pass strongly though..

hopefully,you all can pray for me,and hopefully,i can overcome any obstacle hindering me from getting the best results that i can..i know that i must not play around so much like the last semester,and i also know that i must get ready from the more last minute study like last sem,just relying on study groups and the nigt before xm,cannot sleep because of so much yet to be covered..huhh...

this is my plan for this semester..

1-must at least do some revision of what have been thought for the whole week
2-must finish up all the asignment in time
3-must complete the slide show for my presentation one day before,and on the day only need to rehearse it.
4-do all the tutorials given even though it wasnt necessary
5-complete the dissection early,so that i can focus on revising
6-and no more last minute study!!!!!!

i know i can do it,i know i have the ability to do it,and i know i will do it..



Pengir@n Kudos said...

what a relief.... congrate..

Hanief Khalid said...


Oasis said...

ape2 pun yg berlaku...aku support ko dr blkg k

Anonymous said...

weh..aku malas wehhh. xdak mood la nak wat master ni..whohohoh

Raudzah said...


First time eh dapat below 3? sama lah aku pun haha!

Sem ni entah lah, aku mcm tak bersemangat sangat. kene cari banyak self-motivations nampak nya. Kalau asik nak malas2 aje entah bile nak berjaya!

Neway, selalu lah menasihatkan aku dengan kata kata pedas ko mcm yg ko selalu buat selama ni, it works sometimes seriously.

We can do this! All the best ...