Friday, August 6, 2010

liverpool vs rabotniki

1. Joe cole & gerrard combination was a joy to watch
2. Milan jovanovic was not on the same wavelength yet-but certainly looked promising
3. pacheco will have to look up to joe cole and learn from him
4. Ngog need to have more composure in front of goal
5. Liverpool should be leading by 7-0 at half time
6. lucas is maturing
7. glen johnson haircut or rather hair-not-cut sucks
8. pacheco muka macam serol (member kat CUCMS)
9. martin kelly is an adequate and quality backup for the back four
10. liverpool is destined for greatness this coming season.

1 comment:

biLa aKu muLa mEmbEbeL.. said...

ok, joe cole + gerrald like ade missing something somewhere. not yet,maybe.

new hair-cut johnson ok la. nice jek.

ayat last tu nak vomit la.. werkkk!